Supporting UK musicians who are unable to work during the current Covid-19 crisis

Posted on: 16 December 2020

Christmas e-cards from our partner BSO in support of the MU Hardship Fund

It's times likes these we need musicians and the music they create


It's times like these we need musicians and the music they create the most. But too many are worried about how they will pay the bills during this crisis.

The Musicians Union (MU) Coronavirus Hardship Fund is providing urgent relief in the form of small grants of £200 for MU members in immediate financial hardship.

A group of BSO players have created some special musical video Christmas e-cards to fundraise for the MU Hardship Fund.

We know it's a difficult time, but if you can, please donate and in return get yourself a little festive cheer! Your donations will go to musicians who are facing genuine financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and its impact.


You can send any of the 3 Christmas e-cards to friends and family and show your support for musicians across the country by donating to the Musicians Union Coronavirus Hardship Fund.

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