Our commitment to accessibility

Allianz are constantly working to make sure that our site is accessible to as many of our visitors as possible and we partner with organisations, such as the RNIB, to help us find and fix any accessibility issues.

However, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please email us to let us know so we can improve our website for everyone.

Our website has been tested in various browsers, both desktop and mobile. However, if you find an issue please get in touch by emailing accessibility@allianz.co.uk

We have tested our pages on a wide range of browsers to ensure compatibility. These include:

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome
PC and Android

Safari Mac & iOS

Font sizing

If you need to use your own text size settings, you can change them easily. However, you may find this can cause adverse effects in the browser and certain content may not be displayed.

How to increase the size of text in your browser

Internet Explorer 7 and above

Go to the View menu and select Text Size. You can also go to Tools, then Internet Options, then Accessibility or use the keyboard shortcut of Control and + key.

Google Chrome

Go to the Customize menu and use the Zoom options, or use the keyboard by pressing the Apple key and then the + key (Control and the + key for Windows).


Go to the View menu and select Text Size and then Increase Font, or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Control and +.


Go to the View menu and select Make Text Bigger, or press the Apple key and then the + key (Control and the + key for Windows).

Colour contrast

We have tried to ensure maximum contrast between foreground and background coloured items to assist reading text content on our site.

Reporting accessibility problems

If you have problems with any page on our website, please let us know using our accessibility feedback form.

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