Music Motivation - What we've been listening to on lockdown

Posted on: 03 June 2020

There is music for every mood and occasion


Research has proven that music is incredibly important for our well-being. During this period of isolation and social distancing it’s given people time to find new music and discover different genres and playlists. Whether you’re listening to music throughout the day, while you’re working or when you’re out for a walk; there is music for every mood and occasion.

We spoke to members of the Allianz Musical Insurance team to hear what they’ve been listening to during lockdown.

Positive Vibes

Trying to keep positive and uplifting vibes around at this time is really important.

Our Retail Account Executive, Brian, has been listening to artists like Lawrence (Breakfast and Living Room albums), Bernhoft (Humanoid and Islander albums) and Cody Fry (Flying album). “This type of feel good music gets me through these lockdown days, just trying to keep positive uplifting vibes.” Carol from our Claims team recommends Motown Playlists as a go to when you need a bit of a lift – check out Motown Party on Spotify.

Keeping positive during isolation is important

Radio for every time of the day

Listening to the radio is the perfect opportunity to listen to new music, old music, up and coming music and all sorts of genres – while also keeping up to date with the news and having a listen and laugh with the radio presenters.

Katy, one of our Senior Underwriters, says ‘I’m all about the radio at the moment, Jo Whiley while cooking dinner, Zoe Ball for breakfast and then Radio 1 for the rest of the work day – I’ve nearly been caught out a couple of times singing when I thought I was on mute, not sure anyone in meetings needs that little treat!’

Some of our other team members are also tuning into the radio. Lauren, from our finance team says her family are listening to The Chris Evan’s Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio for a bit of positivity in the morning. One of our Customer Care Associates, Julian, has been listening to jazz music on internet radio stations, and particularly enjoys listening American jazz legends like Miles Davis.  

Workout motivation

Having music on during workouts is extremely popular, whether that’s an upbeat tempo on your run or a more calming beat during yoga, music can be the perfect motivator for your workouts.

Our Distribution & Development Manager, Richard, says ‘music is what keeps me going during my workouts. I’ve found a playlist of 00s hip hop and R&B tunes which have a good upbeat tempo for helping motivate you through to the end of a workout and also help with your breathing.’ Check out the 00s Workout playlist here

Music can be the perfect motivator for workouts

Podcasts and live streams

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, with hundreds of different themes and genres you can get hooked on.

Our Finance Business Partner, Lauren, is listening to podcasts on evening dog walks (Squiggly Careers is a favourite) and switches to classical music early evenings to wind the children down before bed.

Technical Manager, Guy, has been tuning into Ben Folds Apartment Requests on YouTube and has been keeping up with his favourite podcasts with his family. His wife is even trying to teach his son the drum part to Thunderstruck by AC/DC!

Live recordings

As we can’t go to any live music performances at the moment, it gives us the perfect opportunity to listen to some live recordings, watch live stream performances and find old recordings of concerts we’ve been too.

Another one of our Customer Care Associates, James, is a huge fan of live recordings - they’re something that bring some real energy to his day. He told us ‘I’ve been listening in particular to Rolling Stones live concerts. I’ve seen them live many times, in Canada, Germany, Spain and multiple times in UK. They have an extensive collection of live concerts so I’m currently running through some of them’.

Now is the perfect opportunity to listen to live recordings


Whether it’s your own playlist that you’ve pulled together with your favourite tracks, or one you’ve stumbled across on a streaming platform, there are so many different genres, moods, time frames and all sorts of different playlists you can listen to.

One of our part-time Claims Handlers and professional musician, Lisa, said ‘I’ve actually been listing to loads of 90’s R&B as I’m doing a girl band medley with other musicians at the moment - reliving my youth! So playlists that include groups like SWV, En Vogue, TLC etc.”

Nick, our Broker Account Executive, is also listening to a lot of playlists and albums, he said ‘I’m listening to A LOT of Red Hot Chili Peppers at the moment. One of my all-time favourites – I even have their tattoo! I’m also loving The National and Pearl Jam at the moment.’

You can also create your own playlists with your most loved songs. Our Customer Care Associate, Maroof, has created his own, here’s a few tracks he has on repeat:

1.       50 Ways To Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon
2.       Black Magic Woman – Santana
3.       Chop Suey – System of a Down
4.       I Got Life – Nina Simone
5.       While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles
6.       Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees

Want some ready-made playlists celebrating the classics of the 60s?

We’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of our musical instrument insurance with a collection of the best music from the sixties. Check out our playlists featuring some legends of this epic decade – from Folk Revival to 60’s covers!


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