Bored in self-isolation? Ideas for keeping musicians entertained

Posted on: 24 March 2020



Keeping entertained during self-isolation might seem like a challenge

Keeping entertained during self-isolation might seem like a challenge. As musicians, we know you’re probably used to being out on the road, performing, teaching or going to gigs, so it might be easy to get bored quickly.

We’ve got some ideas that might spark some inspiration and keep you busy, even if that’s just for a few days!

1.      Listen to music, new or old

With time on your hands now is the perfect time to dig back into your record collection, dust off those CD’s or use Spotify and listen to some of those old classics! If it’s the 60’s you love then why not give our SixtiesFM playlists a listen - you can dive into a collection of the best music from the sixties, featuring some legends of this epic decade.

Why not spend some time finding and listening to some fantastic new music and artists releasing new songs? There is so much music on the internet and streaming platforms, we’re sure this will keep you entertained for hours!

Listening to music, new or old could keep you entertained for hours

2.    Learn a new instrument/song

Take the time to finally learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to play. Or sit down and practice that song that you’ve been meaning to learn but just haven’t had the time. Challenge yourself so that when you can get our performing or teaching again you’ll have something new and exciting to bring to your gigs and students.

3.      Write new music

Why not fill up your time by working on some new music?  You could use this downtime for some songwriting, composing, home recording or practice. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get some of your music up on Soundcloud, onto an agency’s website or on your own website? Whatever you do now could be a really great time to get creative and you could make some money from it.

4.      Watch a music film

If you want to take this time in isolation to relax then stick on a film - there are a lot great films out there about music and musicians. We know how busy musicians can be touring and playing so this might be the perfect opportunity to give yourself some R&R. Here’s a few to get you started: Almost Famous, Whiplash, Walk the Line, The Blues Brothers, This is Spinal Tap.

And what would our favourite films be without their soundtracks? For many popular films, the music is arguably what made them so successful. Here’s our top films with our favourite scores that might take your fancy: Inception, Jurassic Park, Up, Interstellar, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Take some time to relax and watch a film

5.      Read a book/magazine/blog

There's no shortage of reading material around music that you can get stuck into. Whether it’s a musician’s autobiography, exploration of different music, guides and tips for writing or chatting on blog forums with other musicians for advice, there is a lot of options and information out there that might spark some inspiration.

6.      Create a YouTube channel or live stream

As we touched upon in our recent content, how can you make money when not performing?, artists are reacting to venue closures and social distancing by live streaming gigs for their fans. Everyone from Chris Martin of Coldplay to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra are getting involved and making sure their live music is still available to their fans. With more of us having to self-quarantine it might be worth considering offering this to your fans. If you didn’t want to live stream you could always set up a YouTube channel. Take your time recording some songs to post and share to build your exposure online.

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