COVID-19: Positive impact of music

Posted on: 06 April 2020

Music is incredibly important to our well-being

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During these uncertain and worrying times, we want to highlight the positive and encouraging impact that music is bringing to the world.

Research has proven that music is incredibly important to our well-being and over the past few weeks we’ve seen some truly amazing and inspiring instances where people have come together to show how music is helping them during this time.

Here’s a few we’ve seen:


As self-isolation continues around the world, there’s been lots of musicians and non-musicians who have come together to form virtual choirs and orchestras. They’re performing powerful at-home concerts during the coronavirus outbreak to try and lift spirits. These imaginative ideas are giving all kinds of people the opportunity to be creative and musical. With so many concerts and performances being cancelled this is also giving people the chance to listen to and watch some fantastic music.



With so many people social distancing there’s been a lot of new and inventive ways that people have been bringing music into their lives. From balcony singalongs to DJ’s performing on roof tops, people are finding new ways to entertain others and boost morale across their communities. Finding a way to keep entertained at home can be a challenge but coming together to be musical has proved to put a smile on many people’s faces. 



Being fed up in isolation has definitely sparked inspiration for many people. Bringing a bit of light hearted humour and laughter to a bad situation is popular. There have been so many people creating fantastic parody videos of famous songs that have gone viral. From ‘Coronavirus Rhapsody’ to ‘My Corona’, popular songs have had their lyrics and titles changed to bring a bit of entertainment to us all. Check out this ones for some light-hearted amusement.



#iloverecordstores showing support for local record shops

The music industry has also launched the #iloverecordstores campaign - an initiative to help independent record stores survive during these turbulent times. Music lovers and famous stars have been asked to participate on social media with the hashtag #LoveRecordStores giving their reasons why they love them. Take a look over social media and see what people are saying. Paul Weller is amongst the stars, he said “I’d be lost without my favourite record shops; Rough Trade, Sounds Of The Universe, Honest Jon’s and all the other independents. Let’s all keep them all going in this very strange time. Music will lift our spirits and soothe our souls. Love to everyone.”


People are also keeping it simple and taking the time (while they can) to listen to music, whether this be while working from home or dancing round the house at the weekend. Many people have also been sharing playlists for people to get stuck into. Listening to music has proven to boost mood and stimulate the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our bodies, perfect for a time like this.


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