Keep your instrument and equipment protected during lockdown

Posted on: 01 May 2020

Make sure you're covered, so you're not caught out with an expensive bill


As the lockdown continues across the UK, many musicians are taking the opportunity to practice, learn, record, produce and much more! That’s why it’s still important to make sure you’re covered, so you’re not caught out and stuck with an expensive bill if the worst happens.

No matter how careful you are with your instruments and equipment, accidents are unavoidable.

Laptop/computer damage?

As many musicians are confined to their homes, laptops and computers are being used a lot more for everything from virtual rehearsals with your band to teaching online. Accidental damage to your laptops and computers may be more likely now we’re all at home more. It may be worth regularly checking that everything on your device is backed up in case the worst happens.  

Make sure to back up your laptops and computers

How can we help?

We’re still able to fully assess and process claims despite lockdown. Our cover extends to laptops, computers, tablets, phones and more - so all of your kit is protected no matter what happens. We recently helped a customer in lockdown who was working in their studio at home. With our cover the customer was able to get their laptop repaired quickly and only had to pay the £100 computer equipment excess.


Instrument/equipment damage?

Damage to instruments while practicing at home is also a concern. With a lot of time at home to practice now, this inevitably means more opportunities for unfortunate accidents to happen, especially when left out in between practice sessions. Currently the most common claims we have are for items being dropped/knocked over or drink spillages on electrical equipment.

No matter how careful you are, accidents are unavoidable

How can we help?

We've reviewed our terms and conditions and have relaxed and amended aspects of our cover and claims process to help you. We’re now covering postage costs to allow customers to send their instruments and equipment to repairers and remain safe themselves. We’re here to support you and protect your instruments during these uncertain times.


Can I just rely on my home insurance?

You might be wondering if a home insurance policy will be enough for your needs at the moment as you’re not performing outside of your house. However it’s definitely worth checking your home insurance policy and the terms and conditions to find out if your single item limit is high enough to cover your instrument. It’s also worth considering the potential high excess that might be on your policy and the effect a claim will have on your future premiums. You may also want to check what kind of professional activity is excluded from the policy especially if you’re making any money from teaching etc.

How we can help?

Did you know you can make changes to your policy at any time, free of charge? You could opt for premises only or UK cover instead of worldwide or unattended vehicle cover at the moment and then change your levels of cover in the future when you need it. This could mean a lower premium right now while still ensuring your instrument/equipment is covered for use at home. And it means you can quickly alter your cover the moment you’re back to performing as normal.

To make any changes to your policy, you can use our contact form or email us at


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