Christmas gifts for musicians

Posted on: 12 December 2019

Christmas is just around the corner

Are you looking for that perfect gift this Christmas? Buying gifts for musicians can sometime be a little difficult. Whether it’s the BIG present, stocking filler or even for your Secret Santa, we’ve pulled together some gift ideas that might be worth adding to the list.


1.      Musicians' everyday kit

After a year of gigs, lessons or teaching, instrument essentials can become worn out, used up and even broken. That’s why Christmas is a great time of year for musicians to have a refresh of their kit. Some things to think about could be: Cleaner, Straps, Stands, Strings, Tuner

Refresh a musicians kit this Christmas

2.      Case

Instrument cases can be a life saver when musicians are travelling up and down the country or even worldwide with their instruments. That’s why it’s always best to make sure they’re protected as best as can be. A new case might just be their ideal gift this Christmas.

Instrument cases can be a life saver

3. Spotify membership

Want something a little different this year? Then a Spotify subscription might be the perfect gift. Musicians are constantly listening to music so giving them a way to listen to as much music as they like, when they like, could be ideal.

4. Tickets – Musicals/Gigs

Tickets for live music are always a fantastic gift for musicians. Maybe their favourite band is on tour? Or their no.1 musical is in theatre? Take a look around, you might find the perfect tickets.

Why not check out their favourite band?

5. Retailer Gift Card

Musicians can be very particular, so if you’re stuck for ideas then a gift card is always a great option. Local music shops should offer a range of gifts cards to choose from.

6. Speakers and headphones

We know that being able to listen to music is essential to any musician, that’s why headphones and speakers are always a great gift.

Listening to music is essential to musicians

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